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The Conventual followers of Francis chose to minister in the heart of the city rather than in more remote hermitages; they banded together in concentrated communities rather than wandering as itinerant preachers.

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3 weeks ago
'Ghettoside' Friar Compares Chicago Murders To L.A.: 'A Disregard For Life'

Chicago's Jim Reiter, a member of the Franciscan Order, was featured in the book "Ghettoside."

2 months ago
Photos from Conventual Franciscans - SB Province's post

The friars in Australia came together at their “Shrine of the Holy Innocents” at the end of September for a community retreat and assembly. The theme of the retreat followed-up on the Year of ... See more

2 months ago
Religion on Tap: Groups Combine Faith and Beer

The USA Today website features St. Josaphat Basilica as one of the Milwaukee churches gathering people to discuss faith over beer

Some religious groups are meeting over beers as a way to connect with new parishioners, people struggling with their faith or to provide a different outlet to talk about God. (Sept. 15)

3 months ago
Conventual Franciscan Postulancy USA

Celebrating the life of Fr. Francis Kiley at Little Sisters of the Poor in Palatine, IL. Postulants assisted in the funeral liturgy.

3 months ago
Diocese of Parramatta

Kellyville Parish has focus on sanctity of life


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6 hours ago
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Blessed Adolph Kolping

Saint of the Day for December 10

(December 8, 1813 – December 4, 1865)

Blessed Adolph Kolping’s Story

The rise of the factory system in 19th-century Germany brought ... See more

13 hours ago

1 day ago
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Saint Juan Diego

Saint of the Day for December 9

(1474 – May 30, 1548)

Saint Juan Diego’s Story

Thousands of people gathered in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe July 31, 2002, for the ... See more

1 day ago
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2 days ago
Timeline Photos

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Saint of the Day for December 8

The Story of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

A feast called the Conception of Mary arose in the Eastern Church in ... See more

3 days ago
Timeline Photos

Saint Ambrose

Saint of the Day for December 7

(337 – April 4, 397)

Saint Ambrose’ Story

One of Ambrose’s biographers observed that at the Last Judgment, people would still be divided ... See more

4 days ago
Timeline Photos

Saint Nicholas

Saint of the Day for December 6

(March 15, 270 – December 6, 343)

Saint Nicholas’ Story

The absence of the “hard facts” of history is not necessarily an obstacle to the ... See more

4 days ago
Photos from Marytown - The National Shrine of St. Maximilian Kolbe's post

The Knights of Columbus are selling Christmas trees at Marytown. Buy a tree feed a family. Hours 12-4, 4-8.

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The official title of our branch of the Franciscan Order is Friars Minor Conventual. We are known as Greyfriars in Britain, the Commonwealth and Ireland, Cordeliers (cord bearers) in French-speaking countries, Minoriten (minors) in countries where German is spoken, or simply as Franciscans in most other parts of the world.

The friars harmonized in choir and fashioned splendid pipe organs for the cathedrals of Europe. We collaborated with Palestrina, commissioned Vivaldi, improved the fingering technique of Mozart. We scanned the stars with Galileo, tutored Dante and Lorenzo de Medici, developed mathematical theorems with Leonardo da Vinci. We shared responsibility with Bramante in the construction of Saint Peter’s Basilica, reformed the Roman Curia, and instituted the Swiss Guard.

In more recent years, the Conventual friars have established the International Franciscan Centre for Inter-Religious Dialogue in Assisi, restructured the primary educational system of Switzerland, created halfway homes for troubled youth and rehabilitation centers for the chemically dependent in the United States and Italy. We have built low-income housing for the poor in India, apartment complexes for the handicapped in Canada. We have constructed hydro-electric plants and improved education, health care, and agricultural productivity in many countries of Africa. The friars in Asia have built orphanages and day-care centers for children, nursing homes for the elderly, retreat houses for the spiritually needy, and tailoring schools for the jobless. We have pioneered the behavioral science of handwriting analysis, and established centers for peace and justice at the United Nations and in many countries.