St. Bonaventure Province

Midwest United States

The worldwide Franciscan Order was founded by St. Francis of Assisi in 1209. One of four North American jurisdictions, our Chicago-based Province was established in 1939. St. Francis’ simplicity, love for the Eu­charist, and devotion to the Virgin Mary remain at the heart of our Province. This solid Catholic foundation unifies the fri­ars as they live their 800-year tradition of Gospel fraternity and deep love for the Church.

Our Franciscan identity is fur­ther shaped by the life and mission of St. Maximilian Kolbe, our confrere who be­came a “Martyr of Charity” in Auschwitz (+1941). We strive to further his mission of evangelization by promoting Marian Consecration and expanding Catholic media to build up the “Culture of Life.”

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We live our vocation together as we serve in parishes, centers of spirituality, and international friaries. Our friars are immersed in the life of the local Church as we celebrate the richness of our liturgical traditions. Our Catholic and Franciscan heritage also focuses our min­istry of reaching out to those in need through sacramental, spiritual, and prac­tical service.

Each friar contributes to the mission of the Province by making full use of his God-given talents and skills. Preaching, teaching, nursing, counsel­ing, writing, creating graphic design and developing media resources, cooking, tai­loring, and sharing musical and artistic abilities: these are just some of the ways we are helping to build up the Kingdom of God.

We, the friars of St. Bonaventure Province
are called to live the ideals of Francis of Assisi
in the Conventual Tradition.

We are vowed to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ
in fraternity, through our simple way of living,
dedication to prayer and penance,
love of the Eucharist,
and devotion to Mary,
the Immaculate Mother of God.

As prophetic witnesses, we proclaim
the Incarnate and compassionate Christ;
enable the building of community
within the Church and society;
form communities of prayer and service
reaching our to the marginalized and poor;
and praise the God of creation
by reverencing our sisters and brothers
and the whole earth.

-Province Mission Statement

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